According to major national housing sites, Texas is projected to be a thriving housing market in 2019. If you're looking to sell your home in San Jose, there’s good news and bad news.

The good news is that people are flocking to Texas looking for housing in San Jose due to the affordability of homes of more-than-ample size. The slightly bad news is that a lot of people are looking to jump on this hot market and put their home up for sale. Take these four simple steps before listing your home to give yourself a major advantage over other sellers in San Jose. 

Host an Open House Run-Through 

You wouldn’t buy a car without taking it for a test drive, would you? You shouldn’t expect your house to get a great offer at an open house without testing the waters. Hosting a run-through open house is a great way to find blind spots you may have missed that could hinder a potential buyer from making an offer or making a lower offer than they may have.

Invite your close friends and family over for an afternoon or evening of constructive criticism for your home. Encourage your guests to write notes and give you feedback about what could be improved upon before you showcase your house to potential buyers.

While buyers will talk about the pros and cons of your house in the car after they leave, your friends will give you honest input. That type of direct feedback is invaluable in getting your home up to snuff for the real showings. And who knows? Maybe one of your friends will know someone who's looking for a home just like yours. 

Repaint and Redecorate 

This may sound intimidating, but repainting and updating your décor can be a simple way to make your home incredibly attractive to buyers. The goal is to have your house look fresh and new, not lived-in and tailored to your personal style.

Paint any walls with bold colors a nice, neutral shade. The room you have painted powder-puff pink for your daughter may turn off a buyer looking to use the room as an in-home office. Redecorating simply means adding décor that's attractive to all tastes. You may have a taste for antique bird cages, but the seven ironwork birdcages in your family room could easily distract buyers from seeing the room’s full potential. 

Bring in an Expert 

Let’s face it: just because you're the expert in your home, doesn’t mean you're the expert in selling your home. Use expert digital platforms like Effective Agents to find two to three top real estate agents in San Jose and get their input on how to prepare your home for market.

Their feedback will help you select one to be your partner in the process of selling your home. The real estate agents will be straightforward with you on what to repair and what minor upgrades to make prior to listing your house. Find a realtor in San Jose that will be open and honest with you. 

Accessorize your Exterior 

Having a well-manicured lawn and a pressure-washed exterior is a given when you're having professional photos taken of your house. Set your house apart from the rest with some great exterior accessories. Flower beds, a freshly-painted door, and extra greenery is a great place to start!

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