Sunnyvale, California is a city that likely needs no introduction. It is one of the subsections of Silicon Valley, located a short drive from the world’s largest tech entities. Homes in Sunnyvale are incredibly desirable. The median home value is $1.74 million and homes currently stay on the market only between 40-50 days. People who choose to live in Sunnyvale don’t throw a dart at a map. The majority of new residents to Sunnyvale choose to move there for very specific reasons, many of which often have time-sensitive elements. Although Sunnyvale is a unique real estate market due to the high price tag of homes and its proximity to major tech enterprises, there are still ways to feel confident that you’ve chosen the optimal time to sell your Sunnyvale home. 

Spring into Action, Literally
Late spring has proven to be the best time of the year for home sales in America, with the first half of May serving as the “hotspot” for homes to earn offers 6% higher than average while spending close to 20 days less on the market. If you want to sell your home during the prime spring months and still receive a great offer in a market that is controlled by the buyers, you’ll have to help your home make a great impression on buyers. This can be achieved by going the extra mile to help your home stand out. Hire the best professional landscaper you can and have them add in enticing extras like stunning flower beds, a fruit tree or trendy yard décor. Make sure your house is perfectly polished, both inside and out. 

Look to Proven Data Metrics to Get a Great Offer
Home closing statistics specific to Sunnyvale show that June is the best month to sell a home if you are seeking the maximum offer. Homes sold during the month of June in Sunnyvale earn about 5.3% higher offers than any other time of year. On the flip side of the coin, January is the worst month to sell, with home offers averaging 9.1% lower. Sales statistics specific to Sunnyvale show September-February as the months with offers below average, although most of those months only dip a little over 1%. As mentioned above, May is the prime selling month for real estate markets across the country. However, if you are selling your home in Sunnyvale and are focused mainly on earning the highest offer, May isn’t the optimal months to set as your selling goal. Sunnyvale is currently a strong buyers’ market, meaning that there are more homes for sale than there are buyers, giving buyers the upper hand. May brings even more buyers, meaning that most people with homes for sale actually bring sales prices down to help gain an offer in a market that favors buyers.

Work with a Realtor that Will Give your Home an Edge
There are hundreds and hundreds of real estate agents that work in and around Sunnyvale. Find a Realtor® that will be proactive in helping your home stand out among the rest in a buyers’ market. Effective Agents is a website with the singular focus of helping match your specific needs with a custom-generated list of top selling realtors® in Sunnyvale.

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